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Take 3 Talent

KMR Talent

Kim Dawson Agency, Inc.


Height: 5'4"

Hair Color: Red/Auburn

Eyes Color: Brown/Hazel

About Me

Film & Television

Beyond the After | Lead | Picto Films, Shaun Cunningham, Dir.

The Price of Fame | Featured | AMS Pictures, William Kauffman, Dir.

Commercial & Industrial

National Commercial          Hero Female         TPN
National Commercial          Hero Female         Stewart Cohen Pictures
National Commercial          Hero Female         Uniform Charlie Tango
International Commercial      Hero Female         Uproar!
Regional PSA                     Hero Cat Owner   Lucky 21
National Commercial          Female                 Waving Cat Productions
National Commercial          Female Roommate  Nametag Films
National Commercial          Female                 Uniform Charlie Tango
Regional Commercial          Female                 CRM Studios
Conflicts available upon request

Special Skills

Retired four-year All American lettermen NCAA division 1 springboard and platform diver, retired elite gymnast, Canadian dual-citizen, stage combat, stunt work, wire training, track auto racing, sprinting, hurdles, rock climbing, snow skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, trampoline, hip hop, drill team, weight lifting, show choir, classically trained soprano and soprano II

Education & Training

Master Class | Sara Mornell - Mornell Studios | Atlanta, GA

On Going Practice, On Camera | Anna Borchet & Nicole Johnson - Mornell Studios | Atlanta, GA

Audition Intensive Workshop | Sara Mornell - Mornell Studios | Atlanta, GA

Coaching | Devin Kawaoka | Los Angeles, CA

Scene Study | Kawaoka Coaching | NYC, NY  

Improv Levels 1 & 2 | Dallas Comedy House | Dallas, TX

Premiere Master Student | Cathryn Sullivan | Dallas, TX

Acting for Film | Richard Allen | NYC, NY


Cum Laude Bachelor's Degree | Film, Television, & Digital Media | TCU

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